The best camera teacher
is the one you have with you access to

Brilliance is evenly distributed, we aim to prove it.

AI chat is rapidly becoming commodified

Translation and NLP is better than ever

Wifi & Data is almost a human right

The final puzzle piece is the "last mile" access

A means of access to resources that has the lowest possible tech-barrier to include to those without access to smart devices, while still providing value to high-tech devices

We're here to put the pieces together

A mentorship & student support service, available in any languague, on low-tech & high-tech platforms, facilitating & automating mentorship, guidance networks and informed support usually only accessed by the worlds 1%

We're building a unified chatbot for ALL of the below

  • Mobile, Low-Tech


  • High-Tech, Mobile, Web

    Facebook Messenger

  • Mobile, Low-Tech, No-Tech


  • No-Tech, Low-Tech, Mobile


  • Low-Tech, Mobile


  • Web, High-Tech


  • Web, High-Tech


  • Mobile, High-Tech


Why Chat? Why Education?

  • Low-Tech

    Whatsapp/Wechat are common, even without smartphone access, meaning the path to connecting students and resources is available, just unutilized.

  • Low-Data

    Issues relating to data costs & network availability are problems that all solutions in this space face, but starting with lowest tech/cost will mean the earliest & lowest friction to adoption and highest retention.

  • Future facing

    The internet interface of the (very-near) future is no longer a laptop, we are building towards that future.

Chatbot / Cellphone App / Web

Platforms compared

About us

Passionate about Africa, Education, Technology and Efficiency

  • Matt


  • Coming soon!

Vision for Success

Providing under-serviced students access to personalized mentor-ship, support and education tools, at unprecedented scale using Chat-bot & AI tech in low-tech consumable formats.

Overcoming social poverty through access to resources, structure, guidance.

Early targeting of high potential students to fast track and ensure that societal and circumstantial shortcomings do not hinder their progression to success.

Turning predictive analytics, machine learning and the power of cloud computing towards empowering and enhancing the short & long-term prospects of the next generation.